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  1. A76321 says:

    I read the article to Tim Tebow’s success. I think the secret to Tebow’s success is to work out in the off-season and during the season. Also when he does work out he doesn’t take any breaks. He prepares himself for those long derastict 4th quarters. I think this is the secret to Tebow’s succes.

  2. a61188 says:

    I read the article Secret to Tim tebow’s Success. I found it very interesting many of the exercises that tebow does is the same as we do. He does high pulls, Low row, back squat, and push press. Many people dont like tebow like steve smith WR for the carolina panthers said ” tebow couldnt make his sons flag football team.” He works the hardest out of all the players. The secret really isnt a secret its just work hard then you’ll reach your success.

  3. a61188 says:

    I read Feel no pain in the stack Magazine. It was different. When it starts its talking about A.J. Hawk’s surgery on his rist he tore it after the green Bay packers won the superbowl. He works to his limit. After his surgery the day after he showed up to practice. wow thats very hard to do. The key to success is to suck it up and work your hardest, even if it means coming to practice after a surgery!!

  4. a61188 says:

    I read Josh Smith Lights it up.It was very motavating. it starts on how hard his childhood was. How many things slowed him down. But he just plowed right throught them.During his senior year he was transfered to Oak hill Academy where his basket ball career really took flight. But here also shows that you have to work hard to get what u want.

  5. a61188 says:

    I read the 5 elements of pre activity fueling. I found the reading interesting.I says fuel up 15 minutes b4 activity. then energize with fas acting carbs. then top off electrolyte levels. then stock up on b vitamins, then avoid a full stomach.

  6. AZ5341 says:

    Tim Tebows workout for late gane success.
    I read the article Tim Tebow; the workout that fueled his late game herotis. In my opinion I believed this was a great article. The reading went into detail about how Tim is one of the most motivated and hardworking people to ever play in not only the NFL, but in college. The article also expounded on how he used his motivation and commitment to push himself through grueling workouts to put himself one step above all of the other teams which has made him one powerful force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

  7. AZ5341 says:

    Drew Brees Best in the NFL
    I read the article Dew Brees best in the NFL;which was a great article. This article in many was is similar the article about Tim Tebow. This article expound on how and why Drew Brees in one of the most dominating players in the NFL because of his hard work off of the field. The quote he is know for saying ” My body can only go as far as my mind can take it” sums up the article very well. This quote explains how his mental toughens is the key that has lead him to push his body to the limit earning him his he place of a champion.

  8. AZ5341 says:

    Friends Centrals Amile Jefferson is Turning Heads
    I read the article Amile Jefferson is turning heads. This article explains how Amile Jefferson has showcases himself over the years and earned the respecd of many people, but also lead his team Friends Central to victory over the years. It explains how he has used his hard work and drive to push him and his teammates to a 75-9 season. Now preparing to enter his senior year he is preparing to take on teh role of the team captain and lead the team to a flawless record.

  9. AZ5341 says:

    Rise up
    I read the article Rise Up. Although this wasn’t the headlining article I believed it was great. This article depicted the lives of a New jersey football team after 4 of their players were killed in a tragic car accident. It explained how the team would still call these students names while taking role ,and yell their names out while running sprints to commemorate them. Their trials even earned the respect of other teams who shook their hands before the game. This team really did defeat their adversities to Rise Up.

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