“All The Wonders you Seek Are Within Yourself”

Sir Thomas Brown (1605-1682)

“We Will Help You Find Them”

Welcome to the hpe blog with a mission.  The mission is to connect the professional world to my students.  Just as in other educational disciplines, one of the greatest challenges of all educators is to make their subject meaningful.  One way to do this is to expose students to the people who are doing itusing it, and living it, in the outside world. To do this effectively I have chosen to use technology as the medium to help motivate students to become more active and choose more healthful behaviors.  Seems like a contradiction of objectives however, as the blog evolves you will see the direction this is going.  I would like to think of it as fighting fire with fire.


My name is John McFarland I teach Health and Physical Education 7-12 in a Junior Senior High School.  The mission started a few years ago and continues to evolve.  The projects that I have initiated using technology in HPE have been the use of Wikipages, a form of web page that is secured and can only be accessed by invite.  The Wikipages have been used as informational and as a project oriented tool.  Students used the page to create their own informational webpage on a specified topic and collaborate on reflective questions in the discussion tab of Wikipages.  This project enabled students to use technology as a web-based research tool, and to use the technology itself by creating their own page.

The other project involved using Skype.  This was used to connect with professionals in the outside world to bring their knowledge/craft to the classroom.  The Skype class was very positive and was received by the class extremely well.  The lesson was in Brazilian Jujitsu.  Jon Rozzi introduced the students to a unique warmup and some moves in the martial arts.  If your reading this you are probably familiar with the Skype technology so i will not go into detail, I think you know how it was done.

This is the letter composed to invite professionals into the project.  Skype letter revised for blog


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